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Selection of gearbox extensions

For keeping and repairing all kind gearboxes & transmissions

Brand: CYCLO Model: FRO82470
BOOSTED WITH SPECIAL ANTI-FOAMING AGENTSPRODUCT FEATURESStops leaks Conditions seals & assures smooth, quiet shifting & performance Compatible with all transmission fluids Guards against wear & slippage For all automatic transmissions..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: LM1042
For manual transmissions, power take-off and differential gears. Contents are sufficient for up to 1 l transmission oil. Not suitable for DSG or automatic transmissions or differentials and motorbikes with wet clutches. Regenerates rubber and plastic transmission seals such as shaft seals and preven..
Ex Tax:$15.20
Описание MANNOL 9968 Getpiebeoel Leak Stop
Brand: MANNOL Model: 9968
MANNOL Getriebeoel Leak-Stop is a special additive to gear oil that excludes leaking seals and hardened rubber gaskets in manual transmissions. It contains special components that restore the original shape and the elasticity of the seals. It can be used prophylactically in order to slow down the ag..
Ex Tax:$30.13
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