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A selection of diesel and gasoline engine additives

All undergrounds - cleaning, protection and repairs

Brand: MANNOL Model: 9943
An innovative multifunctional engine protection agent by stabilizing the pressure in the lubrication system - an additive for engine oils based on synthetic esters (Group V oils). It is a complex tool: a viscosity stabilizer that protects the oil from dilution, a sealant for the engine lubrication s..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: FRO54756
Motor Oil Saver Rejuvenates dried out, porous, shrunken oil and valve stem seals.Benefits:stops oil leaks reduces oil consumption reduces engine wear eliminates blue exhaust smoke  article number: 2020 bundle: 300 ml ..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9423
MANNOL Oil Leak-Stop is a special additive to the engine oil that seals the lubrication system. It strengthens the surface structure of the piston rings and the hydraulic tappet, it restores the elasticity of the gaskets and reduces piston ring oil consumption by maintaining the viscosity of the eng..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9900
MANNOL 9900 Motor FlushMotor Flush is a Special cleaner for removing sediments, dirt, sludge and wear products of engine parts, including the most inaccessible elements of the oil system.Product properties: - Cleans the oil system and filter nets of oil pumps. During the washing process, it..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: מנקה מנוע פנימי
  Motor Clean is a specially formulated combination of additives and carrier fluid. In combination with the carrier fluid, the highly effective detergent and dispersant additives dissolve sludge and lacquer formers. All types of oil soluble and oil insoluble residues are brought in..
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STP - Smoke Treatment
Brand: STP Model: Smoke Treatment
Smoke TreatmentREDUCES EXHAUST SMOKINGUSE EVERY OIL CHANGEOil burning and exhaust smoking occurs when motor oil enters the combustion chamber and is burned along with fuel. This condition, known as oil blow-by, often results when friction and metal-to-metal contact have worn parts and cr..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9990
MANNOL Motor Doctor is an additive designed to increase oil pressure and to decrease oil consumption in worn out engines. It prevents oil from getting into the combustion chamber and opposes the formation of soot and engine smoke. It decreases wear of new engines, prolongs their working life and for..
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תוסף לשמן מנוע 300 מ''ל SABESTO
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Brand: WURTH Model: 05861300300
תוסף שמן איכותי, מבית WURTH. מתאים לכל מנועי הבנזין. מחדש את החלקים במנוע ומונע שחיקה. מומלץ להשתמש אחרי כל טיפול גדול. הכמות הממולצת היא 10 % מכמות השמן במנוע.. תוצרת גרמניה. תכולה: 300 מ"ל...
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