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Brand: WURTH Model: 089310
Spray throttle cleanerSpecial material for engines 2 and 4 pulses Areas of use:To remove any traces of rubber, soot and resin from the throttle and the suction cup, Can also be used for cleaning injection systems And for the cleaning of various sensors and assemblies.Characteristics: ..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: נוזל בלמים 500 מ"ל
Liqui Moly DOT 4 brake fluid is a synthetic brake fluid based on glycol ethers, alkyl polyglycols and glycol ether esters. It contains inhibitors to prevent the corrosion of metallic brake components and to reduce oxidation at increased temperatures. This means that no acid-containing decomposition ..
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Model: BG K44
​BG 44K* BG 44K is formulated to safely and rapidly clean the entire fuel system, including hard baked deposits on fuel injectors, intake valves, ports, fuel filters and combustion chambers. Because it removes upper engine deposits, BG 44K reduces problems caused by deposit build-up as power and eco..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: FRO54756
Motor Oil Saver Rejuvenates dried out, porous, shrunken oil and valve stem seals.Benefits:stops oil leaks reduces oil consumption reduces engine wear eliminates blue exhaust smoke  article number: 2020 bundle: 300 ml ..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: ‏4 ‏DOT ‏‏250 ‏מ"ל
Liqui Moly DOT 4 brake fluid is a synthetic brake fluid based on glycol ethers, alkyl polyglycols and glycol ether esters. It contains inhibitors to prevent the corrosion of metallic brake components and to reduce oxidation at increased temperatures. This means that no acid-containing decomposition ..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9201
MANNOL Catalytic System CleanerFuel additives > Petrol fuel additives The Catalytic System Cleaner removes typical contamination and deposits in the combustion system: it cleans valves, piston rings, the exhaust system and the catalytic converter by eliminating carbon residues and scale, whi..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9423
MANNOL Oil Leak-Stop is a special additive to the engine oil that seals the lubrication system. It strengthens the surface structure of the piston rings and the hydraulic tappet, it restores the elasticity of the gaskets and reduces piston ring oil consumption by maintaining the viscosity of the eng..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9900
MANNOL 9900 Motor FlushMotor Flush is a Special cleaner for removing sediments, dirt, sludge and wear products of engine parts, including the most inaccessible elements of the oil system.Product properties: - Cleans the oil system and filter nets of oil pumps. During the washing process, it..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9956
A powerful, fast-acting nozzle cleaner for all types of diesel engines (turbocharged and atmospheric, with and without exhaust gas after treatment systems) with complex action. Especially recommended for engines with starting problems and erratic performance.Product properties: - Quickly and ef..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9957
Universal cleaner for fuel systems of gasoline engines (atmospheric and turbocharged). Designed for multipoint injection (MPI) and direct (GDI) injection engines, suitable for carburetor engines. Developed with the latest generation detergent. Recommended for gasoline engines equipped with exhaust g..
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MANNOL 9965 Radiator Flush cleaner for the removal of rust and scale
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9965
MANNOL Radiator Flush is a special cleaner for the removal of rust and scale, e.g. limescale. It is a chemical transmitter of scale with active detergent components. It is absolutely neutral towards metal, rubber and plastic separate parts of the cooling system. It has high anticorrosive and acid-ne..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: מנקה מנוע פנימי
  Motor Clean is a specially formulated combination of additives and carrier fluid. In combination with the carrier fluid, the highly effective detergent and dispersant additives dissolve sludge and lacquer formers. All types of oil soluble and oil insoluble residues are brought in..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: LM2902
DESCRIPTIONPetrol System Cleaner contains a highly effective combination of cleaning and treatment additives for all petrol injection systems such as K, KE, L-Jetronic and similar systems.PROPERTIES cleans fuel residues from and treats the injector system and components of the fuel ..
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Brand: WURTH Model: 890200004
Rost Off - Wurth Wurth Rost Off For removing rusty and oxidized threaded connections of cars and trucks, agricultural and construction machines and equipment. Optimum creep properties lead to a high level of rust penetration, i.e. even heavily corroded screw connections are released. Rusted and loos..
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STP - Smoke Treatment
Brand: STP Model: Smoke Treatment
Smoke TreatmentREDUCES EXHAUST SMOKINGUSE EVERY OIL CHANGEOil burning and exhaust smoking occurs when motor oil enters the combustion chamber and is burned along with fuel. This condition, known as oil blow-by, often results when friction and metal-to-metal contact have worn parts and cr..
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Brand: WURTH Model: 5861111300
Special cleaner for cleaning the injection system.Binds and neutralises acidic condensation waterProtects against corrosionCleaning effectRemoves resin- and paint-like deposits in the micro range on injection valves and on the fuel distributor Ensures precise controlling of injection val..
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Model: FRO82470
BOOSTED WITH SPECIAL ANTI-FOAMING AGENTSPRODUCT FEATURESStops leaks Conditions seals & assures smooth, quiet shifting & performance Compatible with all transmission fluids Guards against wear & slippage For all automatic transmissions..
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Brand: WURTH Model: 890100
DESCRIPTIONContact Spray Cntctspr-300Ml Sabesto, Is Quick And Reliable At Rectifying Ignition Problems, To Be Used As A Preventative Measure Against Ignition Problems Caused By Moisture In Vehicles And In Other Low-Voltage Ignition Systems.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS SKU..
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Brand: WURTH Model: 5861011300
Wurth Diesel Injection Cleaner 300mlFor the cleaning of all common car and truck diesel engines.Cleaning of the injection pump and nozzleEnsures clean combustionNeutralizes and binds acidic condensed waterProtects the fuel system against corrosion to the combustion chamber..
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Model: Wynn's Radiator Flush, 325ml
Radiator cleaner Wynn's Radiator Flush, 325ml..
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Brand: MANNOL Model: 9968
MANNOL Getriebeoel Leak-Stop is a special additive to gear oil that excludes leaking seals and hardened rubber gaskets in manual transmissions. It contains special components that restore the original shape and the elasticity of the seals. It can be used prophylactically in order to slow down the ag..
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Brand: LIQUI MOLY Model: גולד לייבל 10,000 תכשיר לנקוי מערכת הדלק 500 מ"ל.
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