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Batteries are elements that provide power to devices with low power. They contain chemicals that react to produce energy. All types of batteries and accumulators are now one of the most popular products, because without them there is no home appliance - almost all electronic devices used in everyday life necessarily use one or more power sources. Batteries are selected according to the size and internal content, focusing on the recommendations of manufacturers of electrical appliances.
Batteries, accumulators and chargers can be purchased from the online store, which provides its customers with a wide range of products at attractive prices.

Depending on the material with which the batteries are filled, they are:
  • Salt (R). An obsolete version that has a short life and low efficiency when working with high amperages. Their nominal voltage is 1.5 V. Batteries are designed for low-power devices such as watches, flashlights.
  • Alkaline, or alkaline (LR). Surpass salt batteries in electrical capacity by three to five times. Safe to use as lye cannot escape from the sealed housing. Alkaline elements are used in devices with medium and high energy consumption - cameras, household appliances.
  • Lithium (CR). The modern version has the most efficient capacity. Unlike alkaline cells, lithium cells have less internal resistance, so they last longer. This type of battery is used in various types of technology.
Element sizes:
  • Cylindrical. There are finger (AA), little finger (AAA), medium (C), large (D).
  • Round cell batteries. They differ in diameter, which is indicated in the marking of products.
  • Crowns. Square-shaped elements have connectors on one side only.


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